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Practice Areas

  • Suborning Perjury
  • Opponent Harassment
  • Depraved and Immoral Claims
  • Slandering Without Liability
  • Falsely Stating the Law
  • Lietigation

Our Approach

The Lawyers featured on, specialize in bringing lies into Court and subverting the legal process  They are dedicated to destroying people who tell the truth on behalf of those who lie in order steal. They will work with Liars at every step of the way to make sure that Liars will Profit from their Own Lies.

See this link to the excellent man-on-the-street video (with the former law clerk admitting the problem of Lying Judges and Lying Attorneys)  by  

Legacy of Success

LieYers-for-Hire have been working in American Courts for over 300 years and have a proven track record of enabling theft and destruction. LieYers use that experience to help Liars and Thieves to get the results they want. Check out their sucesss stories

LieYers for Hire in New York

Whiteman, Osterman, and Hanna, LLP

LieYers For Hire in MA

LieYer Alexander Cain (Mass)

Alexander Cain, a former county prosecutor, local defense attorney and college instructor, has agreed to a three-year suspension of his law license for lying,  fabricating email attachments and other documents, and falsifying court documents.