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Most people assume that when Lietigators become Judges that they suddenly stop Lying.  That is not the case at all.  Judges Lie Constantly, to FIX cases for the party that they favor, and to make themeslves look good (to cover up for prior mistakes) and to conceal lies and law violations committed by Lietigators favored by the Judge.  Judges lie in their written Decisions about everything, as necessary to create "the appearance of propriety" on the face of their decisions.  Judges often lie about the CONTENTS of AFFIDAVITS, or about whether a paper IS an AFFIDAVIT at all.  LAZY Judges Lie about whether they have "read and considered" Affidavits and Memorandums of Law presented by the party disfavored by the Judge (most often a pro se party not represented by a lietigating Attorney).  Judges Lie about the Contentions, Arguments, and Positions of the parties, manufacturing frivolous legal arguments (sua sponte) on behalf of the favored party, without affording the disfavored party any opportunity at all to present a Memorandum of Law to ARGUE against the frivolous legal argument.  We will be posting examples in our webpages. If you have examples, with documentation and proof, please email them. 

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The customers of LieYers choose their LieYer based on the LieYer's willingness to participate in false claims and false allegations.   See our blog at main page of the website for real examples.  A humorous collection of fictional-client testimonials is provided for your amusement at:

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