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Prendergast v. Swiencicky Downloads

These files show how the Largest LieFirm in the Albany, New York Capital District Area seeks to cause DEATHS by empowering Liars selling Houses to flaunt the Carbon Monoxide Detector LAW as long as the Dishonest Seller is willing to deliver a Perjured Closing Affidavit falsely stating that she has installed a functioning Carbon Monoxide Detector.  The LieFirm of Whiteman, Osterman & Hanna, LLC, specializes in performing real estate closings for Dishonest Sellers, and their Motto might as well be: "Buy a House from our client on Friday, move in Saturday and park the car in the Attached Garage, sit on the car's remote-start button, then Wake up DEAD Sunday morning.  P.S.  If you refuse to close because the Dishonest Seller that we represent did not fully perform her contractual and statutory obligations, then WE WILL SUE YOU for having "refused to close".  Currently, Judge Thomas D. Buchanan is deciding whether he will enforce the State's Carbon Monoxide Detector Statute, or whether he will instead allow  the "very common" practice of Sellers and Realtors and Closing Attorneys to DISREGARD THE LAW to continue, so that they can continue to profit by endangering people's Lives.